Preschool TEACHER
London Gates is an international education project in English for children from 5 to 17 years old. We really appreciate our team and are proud of it, and now we are looking for Preschool teachers (Devolopmental Education, Language, Music) for our branch in Riga.

If you can turn the lesson into a real adventure, where everyone will have their own role and each kid can feel that he helped save the dragon / feed the elephant with numbers / negotiate with the elves, then you are definitely in the right place!

The main requirements are: an excellent command of spoken and written English or Russian, an ability to interact with children in a friendly, engaging manner.

We will help you to figure out everything else - the support of senior teachers and subject experts, regular training events and a wide range of available materials will help you to become a better teacher and conduct exciting and rewarding lessons on a regular basis.

This is a part-time position which can easily be combined with another job or studies. Lessons are held on Wendsdays and Fridays. The payment rate is 10 euros per 25-minute lesson. We start with 3 lessons a week.

Feel free to share this vacancy with your friends and colleagues who might be interested!
Thank you!