Mūsu pasniedzēji
Mūsu komandā ir vairāk nekā 50 pasniedzēju, kuri ir profesionāļi savās jomās, kuri aizrautīgi vada mācību procesu un izcili pārvalda angļu valodu.
Viņi ir izturējuši stingru atlases procesu trijos kritērijos:
Angļu valodas zināšanas
Pirmkārt, tie ir bilingvāli cilvēki vai tādi, kuru angļu valodas zināšanas vērtējamas kā izcilas, jo viņi dzīvojuši angliski runājošās valstīs un ieguvuši multikulturālu pieredzi
Zināšanas par mācību priekšmetu
Mums ir ļoti svarīgi, lai cilvēks būtu profesionālis savā jomā – spējīgs, jauns zinātnieks, talantīgs mākslinieks, doktorants – entuziasts, kas ir uzticīgs tam, ko viņš dara, un kas ar savu aizrautību spēj iedvesmot bērnus
Psiholoģisko un pedagoģisko testu rezultāti
Kandidāta sniegums intervijā mums ir svarīgāks par viņa pedagoģisko pieredzi. Visi kandidāti kārto sarežģītu pārrunu un testu sistēmu, ko izstrādājuši profesionāli psihologi, ar mērķi pārliecināties, ka kandidātam piemīt radošajam darbam ar bērniem nepieciešamās rakstura īpašības
Pēc visu atlases posmu nokārtošanas, kandidāti piedalās striktās profesionālajās un psiholoģiskajās apmācībās, kas palīdz orientēties dažādās pedagoģijas metodēs, lai vēlāk pasniedzējs spētu izvēlēties atbilstošu pieeju katram audzēknim
Kristiāna Štauere
Priekšmets: Mathematics, Further Mathematics
Izglītība: Kristiana - Eckerd College (US), B.S. in Mathematics
Intereses: I am an ex-basketball player and a cat lover who enjoys jazz and a good equation. I had the opportunity to study for my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in the US state of Florida, which also made me a huge fan of the beach and all things tropical, like summer, dolphins and palm trees.
I’m currently working as a Data Scientist at a start-up in the FinTech industry.
When I was a child, my dream job was dependent on my daily activities. When I came home from the hairdresser, all my dolls had to change their hairstyles and I was their lead stylist; when I came home from the dentist, all stuffed bears had to go through a dental exam administered by me. Since I went to school more often than I had a dentist appointment, frequently I would dream about being a teacher. And, of course, since I was a basketball player, an early goal was to become a WNBA player.

I didn’t choose Mathematics, Mathematics chose me. I always had a knack for solving most challenging Math problems in lessons. When I realized that few people are as excited about Mathematics as I am, I recognized I have a special relationship with the field and should utilize the opportunity.

My first “teaching” was tutoring my younger sister, then tutoring my study mates at the university and finally, after graduation, doing private lessons with high-school students. I realized I love communicating Mathematics and explaining it in a way that everybody can understand it, which finally led me to look for a more formal job in teaching.

The best thing about being a teacher is the moment when you see understanding in student’s eyes after they get a concept they have been struggling with before. That brief second when you can literally see a spark go off in their eyes is why I teach.

I think that to become a professional teacher you also need to understand education, not just be a subject matter expert. Thus, I think a teacher becomes a professional when he has deepened his understanding in the field of education, knows how to deal with issues that arise in organization of the study process and class management.
Emilver Gobbett
Priekšmets: English
Izglītība: Bretton Hall Arts College, University of Leeds (UK). Graphic Arts & Communications Bachelor of Arts Degree
Intereses: I’ve always been interested in Art since childhood but I also became fascinated with Physics as I left school. These led me to studying Graphic Design and Communication for my degree.
I teach English which I see as another form of art in terms of effective communication. In terms of hobbies, I think creativity is a real form of meditation for me, from painting, calligraphy and playing music (sunny latin percussive beats) helps me feel more balanced. In terms of activities, I’ve started taking road cycling seriously a couple of years ago, I’m so hooked and can’t ride enough!

I don’t remember having a dream job when I was a child, but I always enjoyed to play. Be it in a room full of paper and pens or being outside all day. What I knew then is that if I had a job, it would have to be one that I feel strongly passionate for. One that would make me want to wake up and go out as if I would play.

When I look back at my years of education, there were some amazing teachers who each had their way of making me interested in a subject I may never had imagined I would fall in love with. I think it’s the idea of inspiring others by building their confidence as they start to truly understand how learning the language could help them express themselves playfully and professionally.

I’ve always had a natural curiosity how some can teach with such conviction and inspire others. Yet, my education wasn’t directly related. It was an idea I’ve tinkered with but never took seriously. Until that was, I wanted to move to Latvia. I realised this was a chance so I studied CELTA to find out. I had no idea at the time just how much difference it would become my new passion.

Teaching is my main job now, though since I started teaching, I slowly understood the connection between communication through visual means (design & art) and language. I feel blessed that from time to time, I get to write commissioned blogs and copywriting.

The best thing about teaching, to my mind, is having the chance to make a difference. Realistically, I know this comes with a whole set of challenges. But the satisfaction I feel when I observe some students grow and become empowered, regardless of age, is just priceless and irreplaceable.

I think that you become a professional teacher, when you’ve made enough mistakes that you’ve learnt from. I’m not really sure what would be considered as professional but my guess is that it’s an effective teacher who can tailor the lessons to the student’s specific needs at times on the spot.
Elza Pūce
Priekšmets: Science, Mathematics
Izglītība: Riga Stradins University, Nutrition Bachelor
Intereses: Outdoors, traveling, music and bike riding
I like being a teacher because this job keeps me young and fit if you want to be a cool teacher, you have to know what the students are interested in music, games, style and so on. If you can speak the students` language, it is easier to build trust and respect. Also, this job is a big fulfillment and I love to see the students` growth. I believe that I can motivate them to do great things and to risk in order to succeed.

I don`t try to conceal the fact that teachers are also just human beings and that we can be wrong or make mistakes every now and then. As I remember from the poster on my English teacher`s wall: it`s not a shame if you don`t know, but it`s a shame if you don`t want to know.

I think that a professional teacher is the one who has a professional attitude. Willingness to help, a personal interest in every students` success and a big and kind heart. Also, a professional teacher always has room for improvement and at the moment I`m enrolled in other studies special education at Rezekne Academy of Technologies. On my neverending way to own the status: professional teacher.
Mūsu komandā ir vairāk nekā 50 pasniedzēju, kuri ir profesionāļi savās jomās, kuri aizrautīgi vada mācību procesu un izcili pārvalda angļu valodu.
Viņi ir izturējuši stingru atlases procesu trijos kritērijos:
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