Victoria has entered King's College London — the oldest research univesity of Great Britain founded in 1829 by the order of the king George IV. It has the 7th place among all European universies according to a rating by The Times.

What are you studying?

Bsc Biomedicine (Faculty of Biomedicine).

Why did you make such a choice?

I didn't have much time to think, but I still managed to read a lot of student reviews, looked at the ratings. Most of all, I liked the fact that King's College has many hospitals, and its staff made a lot of discoveries in the field of natural sciences, the most famous of which is the discovery of DNA.

Do you have a favorite subject?

I like absolutely all subjects, I can't single out any particular one. Professors are always ready to help and teach in such a way that you inadvertently fall in love with the subject.

What surprised you the most in Britain?

Weather. Everyone says that London is a city of fogs, it always rains here. I think they say that out of envy. The weather here is just wonderful! Most often the sun shines, in winter it is stable plus ten, rain happens, of course, but not every day, and it usually ends in 5 minutes. Maybe I have been lucky this year.

How did you spend your first day at university?

To be honest, on the first day I was very sad, there were tears. "Alone in an unfamiliar city" doesn't sound very good. Others will say, "It's so great: freedom, no more parents, a new life." But the thought that you are now independent, that your parents will not help you so easily, and that everything you are used to is now in the past forever, makes you think. But you get used to it quickly, and already on the second day I began to settle in my small dorm room with an optimistic view of my future.

What did you have to learn?

Firstly, to organize your time, and with maximum efficiency, in order to do everything in time and not accidentally miss anything: lectures, homework, additional classes, entertainment, sports. And secondly, to write various scientific articles. It was something especially new for me.

What is your favorite place in the city?

I like walking along the Southbank embankment in the evening — it is very beautifully lit. There are a lot of street musicians and nice cafes. If you want to get to know the city, you need to walk as much as possible. London is really beautiful.

Who do you communicate with and study with?

I communicate with friends from London Gates and with foreigners: the Chinese, Italians, Indians, there are even students from Ukraine.

What do you miss the most?

Most of all, I miss home-cooked food. Especially the soups.

Can you give advice to students taking A-Levels exams now?

When applying to universities, you should not underestimate yourself, you must definitely apply to two or at least one of the best universities. You need to believe in yourself! It's hard to understand why sometimes universities like UCL or ICL take ABB grades, but refuse those with AAA. Also, the role of your Personal statement should not be underestimated. He needs to be given special attention. Well, when you enroll, you should not focus only on studying: the university opens up a huge number of opportunities. Join all possible clubs! Socialise! And, of course, good luck with the exams!