Illya has entered UCL (University College London) — the oldest university of London. In the rating of global universities USL has the second place in europe and fourth place in the world.

What are you studying?

BSc biochemistry (Faculty of Biochemistry).

Why did you make such a choice?

Before submitting the documents, I compiled a list of UK universities according to the admission criteria. That is, starting with AAA for UCL and ending with ABB for Nottingham. When the results came, I realized that I had entered UCL, which I was extremely happy about.

Do you have a favorite subject?

Chemistry for biologists and Genetics. I love Chemistry because of extremely fascinating laboratory work and very high-quality presentation of the material. I like genetics because of the lecturer, who himself is very interested in the subject.

What surprised you the most in Britain?

I would tell you about the huge number of freaks on the streets, but you will edit it anyway. There were a lot of new little things: for example, high prices for public transport (1 metro ride costs about 250 rubles), inconvenient faucets (separate faucet for cold and hot water), etc.

How did you spend your first day at university?

Well, the usual household chores: I ran around the shops, bought pillows-pillowcases-duvet covers-plates-forks-spoons-kettles-notebooks-pens. In general, nothing particularly interesting.

What did you have to learn?

DON'T BE LAZY. You can't even imagine how tired I am of not being lazy. Allocate your time and attention correctly .

What is your favorite place in the city?

My bed. But I also advise everyone to go to Regent's park.

Who do you communicate with and study with?

I communicate with friends from Russia and with my classmates from different countries.

What do you miss the most?

We all lack soups, especially borscht. Sometimes there is not enough snow :)))

Can you give advice to students taking A-Levels exams now?

DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! If I hadn't done all my homework, I probably wouldn't have entered UCL.